A social discovery platform connecting people through shared passions and hobbies for genuine connections.

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Dive in, find friends or maybe more

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Why ChooseMe?
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Go Live, Earn Gifts, and Connect Instantly!

Showcase moments, talents, and passions in real-time and earn as you engage.
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Discover the Mystery and Find Unexpected Connections!
Spice up your connections! Engage in intriguing guessing games as you receive fun clues about your mystery match.
Mystery Connections
Experience the thrill of the Mystery Connection Challenge!

When you opt for this unique feature, you'll be paired with another user, but here's the twist—certain elements like profile pictures, gender, location, and names are concealed.

Engage in conversation with your mystery match without the full identity reveal. This creates an environment driven by authentic curiosity and the clues provided rather than initial appearances.

After a set number of exchanged messages, the 'Reveal' option becomes available, but both users must agree for details to be shared. If one declines, the details stay hidden, and the conversation continues.

You'll have three reveal stages:
  1. Gender
  2. Name
  3. Full Profile
Build Your Tribe, Chat, and Plan Events! Connect and share passions in Circles!
Plan, discuss, or simply hang out. Dive into collective experiences, ensuring that forging genuine connections is just a shared activity away.
Group Chat
Events & Meet-Ups
Discussion Boards
Experience a constantly evolving feed featuring user-generated content
Explore, engage with, or even broadcast short videos and photos, fostering a vibrant ChooseMe community.
Dynamic Content “Feed”
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Smart Matching Through Engaging Choice-Driven Questions

Our cutting-edge algorithm continuously learns and refines matching criteria from your answers, crafting resonating connections tailored to your unique preferences.

Discover Your Personality and Unleash the Fun!
Intelligent Matchmaking
Give and receive virtual gifts, symbolic of genuine admiration
And the best part? They can be converted into real-world earnings. The "Gift and Earn" feature allows users to send virtual gifts to others as a token of appreciation or to show interest.
Virtual Gifts Catalog
Gift & Earn
Earning Points
Unlock premium features
Screen notifying user that they have received a gift from a follower or fan on ChooseMe
Redeemable for real money
How it works?
Craft your profile, spotlight your passions, and in just moments, embark on a journey to meet friends who truly resonate with you!
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Join the early birds
Ready for a journey like no other? Choose Me and discover connections that last a lifetime!
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Our blog
    Discover ChooseMe, the ultimate app for making friends online! Our platform is designed to help you build lasting friendships and expand your social circle without the pressure of dating.
    • Friendship-Focused
      Genuine friendships over dating! Enjoy a comfortable and relaxed environment to connect without the dating pressures.
    • User-Friendly Interface
      Our intuitive platform makes it easy to connect, chat, and build meaningful relationships.
    • Perfect Friendship Match
      Advanced algorithms find friends who share your interests, values, and hobbies for stronger connections.
    • Safety and Privacy
      Robust security measures to protect your personal information and ensure a safe online environment.
    • Community Engagement
      Participate in vibrant events, discussions, and activities that foster real connections and friendships.
    • Verified Profiles
      Peace of mind with our profile verification process, ensuring genuine connections.