Updated as of September 27, 2023

At ChooseMe, we champion the values of free expression and believe in fostering a platform where every voice is heard. A wide range of viewpoints and experiences makes our community richer. To ensure the safety and positive experience of our users, we have set some boundaries on the type of content and behavior permissible on our platform.

We recognize that abuse, especially towards marginalized or historically underrepresented groups, can be rampant. We are unwavering in our dedication to combating any conduct driven by hate, prejudice, or intolerance.

If you come across any content on ChooseMe that appears to breach our policies, kindly report it to us.

This Content and Conduct Policy is integral to our Terms of Service.

Content and Conduct Guidelines for ChooseMe:

1. Adult Content: Adult media or content that leans towards the erotic or pornographic is prohibited on ChooseMe. Examples include:
  • Excessive display of nudity.
  • Implied sexual acts.
  • Obscene gestures.
  • Content simulating explicit actions.

2. Graphic Violence: Depictions of severe violence, death, or harm towards humans or animals are not permitted. This includes:
  • Crime scenes.
  • Physical fights.
  • Graphic bodily harm.

3. Dangerous Activities or Products: Any content that promotes harmful activities or dangerous products is not allowed. Examples include:
  • Encouraging self-harm or dangerous challenges.
  • Promotion of harmful substances.
  • Streaming while driving.

4. Illegal or Regulated Goods and Services: You may not promote or depict illegal or strictly regulated items or services such as:
  • Counterfeit items.
  • Drugs and related paraphernalia.
  • Weapons and their creation.

5. Unlawful Use: ChooseMe should not be used for illegal purposes or to promote illegal activities.

6. Intellectual Property: Posting or streaming content that infringes upon someone's intellectual property rights is prohibited.

7. Unauthorized Use: You cannot use someone's voice or image without their consent on ChooseMe.

8. Private Information: Do not disclose someone else's private information or threaten to do so.

9. Spam and Security: Any form of spamming or malicious activity against ChooseMe or its users is forbidden.

10. Advertising: Unsolicited advertising or promotions are not allowed on ChooseMe.

11. Impersonation: Misrepresenting someone else or organizations to mislead others is prohibited.

12. Violence and Physical Harm: Threatening or wishing harm upon someone is strictly forbidden.

13. Minors: Content involving minors is not allowed.

14. Child Endangerment or Sexual Exploitation: Any content that exploits minors in any sexual context is strictly prohibited.

15. Abusive Conduct: Any form of harassment, intimidation, or abuse towards others is not allowed on ChooseMe.

16. Hateful Conduct and Bullying: Discrimination, threats, or harassment based on race, religion, gender, or any other personal attributes is not allowed. This includes the use of hateful images, symbols, and derogatory language.

These guidelines are by no means exhaustive. ChooseMe reserves the right to interpret and enforce these guidelines at our sole discretion.

Consequences of Violating the Content and Conduct Policy for ChooseMe:

Breaching the guidelines might lead to various penalties, such as content removal, warnings, account suspensions, permanent bans, and in severe cases, legal actions. The severity of the violation and previous records are taken into account while determining the punishment. Content that involves child exploitation is immediately removed and reported to relevant authorities.

Remember, these guidelines exist to ensure ChooseMe remains a safe and welcoming platform for everyone.