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20 Social Activities to Find Friends Near You

Connecting with new friends doesn't have to be daunting. Whether you’re an extrovert who thrives in large groups or someone who prefers smaller, more intimate gatherings, there's something for everyone. Here's a list of social activities to get you out there meeting people, ending with a unique way to connect through our platform, ChooseMe.

1. Attend Local Festivals and Fairs

Festivals, fairs, and markets are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the community. From music festivals to art fairs, these events are social hubs buzzing with potential new friends.

2. Participate in Community Sports Leagues

Joining a local sports league can lead to camaraderie and friendship. Whether it's soccer, baseball, or bowling, team sports are a great way to bond.

3. Volunteer for Community Projects

Roll up your sleeves and join local volunteer projects. Not only will you contribute to your community, but you'll also meet others who share your passion for helping.

4. Take Part in Charity Runs or Walks

Signing up for a charity run or walk is a way to meet people, enjoy physical activity, and support a good cause all at the same time.

5. Network at Professional Groups

Professional networking groups can help you meet people in your industry, which can often lead to friendships outside of work.

6. Join a Book Club

Share your love for literature with others by joining a book club. It’s a relaxed environment to discuss ideas and form connections.

7. Engage in Hobby or Special Interest Groups

Whether it’s photography, knitting, or gaming, find a group that shares your interest to connect with potential friends.

8. Attend Workshops and Classes

Cooking classes, art workshops, or dance lessons are enjoyable ways to meet new people while learning a new skill.

9. Visit Local Museums and Exhibits

Many museums have interactive exhibits and events, which can be excellent opportunities to meet culturally inclined individuals.

10. Participate in Local Meetups

Websites like can help you find groups and events in your area tailored to a wide range of interests and activities.

11. Explore Nature with Hiking Groups

If you love the outdoors, join a local hiking group to explore nature and meet fellow enthusiasts.

12. Enjoy Group Travel or Excursions

Look for travel clubs that organize group trips, which can be a great way to make lasting friendships through shared experiences.

13. Join Fitness Classes or Groups

From yoga to cross-fit, participating in group fitness classes can introduce you to health-conscious peers.

14. Attend Food and Wine Tastings

Tastings and culinary tours are social by nature and can connect you with fellow foodies.

15. Go to Language Exchange Meetups

Broaden your social circle and practice new languages by participating in language exchange meetups. These events are a unique blend of education and social interaction, where the thrill of learning meets the joy of conversation. Perfect for those looking to embrace new cultures and languages in a community setting.

16. Show Off Your Skills at Trivia and Karaoke Nights

Local bars and restaurants often host trivia and karaoke nights, which are perfect for showcasing your knowledge and talent while mingling with others. These events tend to draw a diverse crowd, making them excellent opportunities to meet new friends who also enjoy a bit of competition and entertainment. Whether you're answering tough questions or belting out your favorite tunes, the fun atmosphere is ideal for forming new connections.

17. Visit Dog Parks

If you're a dog owner, dog parks are a great place to meet other pet lovers.

18. Join Reading Groups at Libraries or Bookstores

Aside from book clubs, many libraries and bookstores host reading groups for various genres and topics.

19. Attend Art Classes or Groups

Express yourself and meet other creative individuals by attending art classes or joining art groups.

20. Connect on ChooseMe

Finally, bring your social exploration online with ChooseMe, our social discovery platform that helps you meet like-minded individuals. Based on shared interests, activities, and passions, ChooseMe is the perfect place to form meaningful connections with new friends who truly resonate with your lifestyle.

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